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Pricing and Refund Policy

Pricing Policy

Zealopia Pricing is based on the terms agreed with the mental health professional (now referred to as The Professional) on onboarding. The Professional is free to decide their own prices set for the groups that they run. Zealopia charges a commission fee as agreed between Zealopia and the provessional to host them on the platform. By accepting the payments from the users, a professional agrees to run all their groups for a duration of 60 days since the activation of the group.

Activation here refers to the official joining of second member in the group excluding The Professional post payment. The groups, once created by the professional will remain dormant until a total of 3 people are a part of that group including The Professional. A user who has paid to join the group will have their subscription start from the date of activation of the group until the expiration of the group. No new user is allowed to join the said group in the last 10 days of its expiry. By running the group and accepting payments, The Professional also agrees to actively participate in all the groups they run every day until the groups expires. 

The professional will have a dashboard to track their earnings. The professional can request payouts for the groups they run that have expired.

If a group is at capacity with 12 members, another version of the group is automatically formed when the 12th member joins the group. This new version of the group is with the same details where new people can join the group. If The Professional feels that they do not have the capacity to cater to the group, they can delete the group and no new groups will be formed automatically. For example: If The Professional is running a group on heart-break recovery and a 12th member joins the group, a new group called Heart-Break Recovery #2 will be formed automatically. 

Refunds and Cancellation

A user (You) can only join any paid group for its running period after paying a one-time fee set by The Professional. Before joining the chat, you will have access to view details of the group and members of the group. Once you have paid (subscribed), you will have access to all the messages of the group and start interacting. 

You can cancel a purchased access within 48 hours of payment for full refunds. To cancel your subscription, you simply need to leave the group by clicking the Leave Group button in the members’ section. You will receive a popup for confirmation with an optional field explaining reason to leave. Once confirmed, your subscription will be considered cancelled. 

Your subscription will remain active from the time you cancel until the expiration of the group, and you will not receive a refund or credit for any remaining days until expiration. You may be able to join the same group for free if it is not already full. If after cancelation, you want to return to the original group you may be able to do so only if it has at least one vacant slot. In the event that more people join the group after you have left and hence if there are no vacant slots in the group i.e. there are already 12 members including The Professional, you will not be able to use your subscription of that group further and the amount will not be transferable to another group. You will not receive any refunds or credits in this case.

We hence strongly suggest not leaving any group during the course of your subscription to the group.

Deleting your Zealopia account or removing the Zealopia application from your device does not cancel your subscription.

In the event that a group that you have subscribed to needs to be shut for legal, quality or non-compliance reasons, the group will be taken over by official Zealopia admin for the rest of its period. If it is not possible to make these arrangements, the members of the said group will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remaining days at the earliest. 

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