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About us

What is Zealopia?

Zealopia is a word that is derived from the word Zeal which means enthusiasm and the term Utopia which means a perfect place. The word Zealopia hence means a perfect place of enthusiasm and bliss. Zealopia aims at making mental wellness more accessible and affordable. We understand that mental health issues can affect anyone despite their background. We acknowledge that among people who are stressed, anxious or depressed, many are students and several others who might not be able to afford expensive sessions with therapists. We also acknowledge that you might not be able to freely visit your school/college/office in-house therapist due to many reasons. Thirdly, we recognise that the healing process often feels very lonely. Zealopia hence offers an extremely affordable solution that connects you to people who understand you in the presence of a therapist. This support group will be available to you via chat 24x7 and you can share all your worries without hesitation as it is completely anonymous. We value your privacy and we strongly protect your identity.

Don't worry, your voice will not be lost among thousands like in social media channels. Here, you will have your own small group with just a handful people where every single voice will be heard. No likes, no dislikes and no competition of views. A pure exchange with people who fully understand you. The therapist will let the conversation flow and interject with guidance to the small group when necessary. You will feel supported, motivated and happy.

We strongly despise bullying and harassment and we have given our mental health professionals complete freedom to first warn and then remove people from the group who mean harm or bully any other members. Such people will be removed from the group without refund. Multiple such instances of such violations will also result in a permanent ban from the platform.

Come on the Zealopia App and take the first step towards mental fitness and healing. 

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