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Why do you need us?

We Measure Mental Health

EAPs, Awareness Sessions Not Working?

We know that EAPs, 1:1 therapies and awareness sessions have very low ROIs.

This is due to many reasons including stigma, digital stress, low attention span, burnout etc.

Zealopia has perfected the merge of technology with sensory stimulation experiences that help boost employee mental health, productivity and have a mathematical way of tracking progress. 

You need Zealopia to up your organisation's mental health by moving away from boring ppts, lectures, panel discussions etc. and moving to an AI driven smart approach for more contextualised actions and better results

How does it work?


Our Custom AI

Our custom AI is trained on 20 million+ data points specifically targetting employee mental health, workforce diversification and hybrid work model.

We first have discussions and interviews with your leaders to know your company better. We then use our custom AI to give you 5 tracking variables that define the Mental Health DNA of your organisation.

These variables will be used through the year to track the mental health score of your company.

Sensory Stimulation Experiences

After we agree on the variables to work with, we design a skeleton of sensory trainings for small groups in your organisation. You may choose how many groups you want us to work with. 

We are connected to 80+ specialist therapists PAN India who will deliver onsite sensory stimulation trainings.


These trainings are crafted by our AI carefully and will have incremental changes made to it depending on the group performance.  Each training will be measured against the variables selected.

fantasy art exploding with colours of a compilation of different sensory stimulation exper
Art Gallery
Art Museum

Our Medium of Work

Our trainings are extrmely contextualised and group specific. But, we have standardised mediums that we work with to elevate dopamine while working with employees.

Expressive Art Experience: For Gen X, Y, Z

Sentimental Sculpting: Gen Y, Z

Writing Collectively: Gen X, Y

Movement Experience: Gen Y, Z

Affirming Aromas: Gen X, Y

After each training, we share with the corporate, a detailed report of scores on the variables and the methodology of the next trainings. If there are multiple groups, we futher use our AI to help corporates strategise better with workforce culture and planning.

Happy Puppy

Our Results

Community activities are at the heart of healing. Especially when employees are digitally stressed and connecting less with each other, we create perfect avenues for empathetic conversations and dopamine boosts.

Our experiences have boosted employee productivity and happiness by 25% and decreases loneliness by 20%. 

How do we know this? Because we measure variables continuously.

We do not believe in one time activity. A continuous support from a trustworthy source is needed for employees to flourish and self-actualise.


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Our Products of Empathy

The key aspect of Mental Health Awareness is also sensitisation. However, lecturing or presentations barely work for adults who are already burntout from screens.

Zealopia offers fun hand drawn comic books that are most entertaining to kick start emathetic conversations among people without making anoyone feel lectured. Our comics are a blockbuster hit with over 50,000 people from different regions and age groups.

We have the comics available in multiple Indian, Asian and European languages.

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